2019 Tournament Results

                 Mark Widick

1-Person Best Shot
October 20, 2019

  Championship Flight:
            1st place                      Mark Widick                            Kamrar                                    61
            2nd place                      Bill Axman                              Pomeroy                                  61

            3rd place                      Connor Shannon                      Webster City                         62
            4th place                      Gary Larson                             Webster City                           62
            5th place                      Dave Shannon                         Webster City                          63
1st Flight:
            1st place                      Tanner Ruge                           Fort Dodge                              68
            2nd place                      Scott Herald                            Columbus Junction              68
            3rd place                      Mike Ehn                                 Pocahontas                             68
2nd Flight:
            1st place                      Denny Woodall                       Lehigh                                     70
            2nd place                      Duane Schwering                    Webster City                        70
            3rd place                      Matt Russell                           Fort Dodge                              71
3rd Flight:
            1st place                      Greg Bentley                           West Des Moines                   74
            2nd place                      Marty Badaeno                       Des Moines                           74
            3rd place                      Steve Furitano                        Des Moines                             74
4th Flight:
            1st place                      Jon Turner                               Des Moines                             77
            2nd place                      Jeff Grego                               Eldora                                      77
            3rd place                      Travis Noid                              Marshalltown                         77
5th Flight:
            1st place                      Nate Lahr                                 Webster City                           79

            2nd place                      Joe Finn                                   Waukee                                   80
            3rd place                      Bruce Ersland                          Marshalltown                         80

Flag Events:
Long Drive #5           Bob Kemp               Baxter
Closest to Pin #10   Dustin Hector          Webster City          
Long Putt #18          Mark Leachman      Des Moines

            Jeff Crabtree      Clive        2 on 13

          Avery Fuhs, Deacon Garvey, Alec Fuhs, Jon Fuhs
4-Person Best Shot

September 8, 2019
 Championship Flight   
1st Place           Fuhs, Fuhs, Fuhs, Garvey            Des Moines/Webster City        57           
2nd Place          Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans        D.M./Grimes/Davenport         61           
3rd Place           Heater, Heater, Heater, Betts       Indianola/F.D./Marion/Alta    61
4th Place           Hector, DeVries, Gunderson, Torres    W.C./Ankeny/Ames        62

1st  Flight                    
1st Place           Graham, Koop, Koop, Dunne   W.C./Grinnell/N. Hartford        68           
2nd Place          Rollins, Adam, Hopp, Wolter         Webster City                           69

3rdPlace           Davis, Davis, Dawson, Dawson      Webster City                           70                                                          

Flag Events:
Long Drive #5              Avery Fuhs                   Webster City               
Closest to Pin #10        Deacon Garvey             Webster City   
Long Putt #17              Brent Nixon                  Webster City

  Andy Scott & Chip Abbott

Briggs Woods Golf Course - Webster City
August 19, 2019
Championship Flight:
1st      Chip Abbott & Andy Scott               Webster City/Boone      58
2nd     Max Nedved & Don Bergman          Fort Dodge                    59
3rd      Mike & Marv Sherwood                  W.C./Oklahoma City     61

1st Flight
1st      Phil Baker & Jeff Mickelson             Fort Dodge                    67
2nd     Jack Fischer & Ron Chenoweith       Ankeny                          67
3rd      Dale Olson & Jim Adams                 Webster City                  67

2nd Flight
1st      Dennis Patten & Bob Wade              Webster City                  72
2nd     Paul Rautanen & Travis Filloon       Fort Dodge                    72
3rd      Don Bruner & Jim Richardson       W.C./Mason City           73

Flag Events
Long Drive  #4                         JimTesdahl                    Webster City
Closest to the Pin #10             Ken Hovick                    Ames         
Long Putt #17                         Glen McMichael             Des Moines

                 Austin Heeren & Jalyn Briley

Briggs Woods Couples Best Shot

August 4, 2019

Championship Flight:
1st      Austin Heeren & Jalyn Briley           Jewell                     63                        
2nd     Bernard & Lori Cooper                      Waterloo               63
3rd      Antwain & Alana Strong                   Cedar Falls           65

1st Flight
1st      Mitch & Kelly Yates                           Webster City        71
2nd     Justin & Melissa Davis                     Fort Dodge           72
3rd      Jacob & Mallory Asche                    Humboldt             73

2nd Flight
1st      Rob & Christy Casey                         Platte City, MO    75
2nd     Curt Malaise & Erin Clifton           Bondurant            78
3rd      Dave & Jean Fox                             Webster City        81

Flag Events
Long Drive – Men #5              Bernard Cooper             Waterloo
Long Drive – Women #8         Jen Malooly                    Algona
Closest to the Pin #10             Bernard Cooper             Waterloo
Long Putt #17                         Melissa Nelson              Boone

          Bob & Bennett Berger

Parent-Child 2-Person Best Shot
July 20, 2019
Championship Flight 
1st  Place          Bennett & Bob Berger                        Lake Mills                               64
2nd Place          Eric & Mark Krull                               Buffalo Center                       65
3rd Place           Jill Newton & Ray Williamson           Eagle Grove                            66                        

1st  Flight
1st Place           Trey & Jeff Lyons                               Webster City                           71       
2nd Place          Drew & Duane Schwering                  Webster City                           72       
3rd Place           Amy Nixon & Neil Bromm                Webster City                           73
nd Flight                                          
1st Place          Cael & Brent Nixon                            Webster City                           76
2nd Place          Kinser & Scott Hanson                       Lake Mills                               76
3rd Place           Braylon & Jerrod Plain                       Webster City                           76
Flag Events:
Long Drive Men #4                Eric Krull                                Buffalo Center
Closest to Pin #10                   Marv Maass                             Webster City
Long Drive Women #11         Amy Nixon                             Webster City
Long Putt #18                         Trey Lyons                              Webster City

  Alesia Ridenour, Kari Rabe, Julie Ragland, Kelly Yates

4-Gal Best Shot
June 20, 2019

 Championship Flight 
1st Place           Yates, Ragland, Rabe, Ridenour                    Webster City                           62
2nd Place         Moore, Rupple, Frederickson, McCarley        W.C./Urbandale/Ames            65
3rd Place           Mitchell, Pierson, Eldridge, Eckhardt            State Center                            67

1st  Flight                   
1st Place           Steele, Gansen, Rahto, Groepper                    Ames/Jewell                            74
2nd Place          Peddicord, Watts, Griffel, Pohlman               Belmond                                 74
3rd  Place          Fox, Kragen, Archer, Vorwald                       W.C./Northwood/Norwalk     75
                                                                                                Freeport, IL
Flag Events:
Closest to pin #10       Jamie Hill                    Stanhope                    
Long Putt #18             Suzan Bienfang           Dike

    Avery Fuhs

Briggs Woods Amateur
June 16, 2019
Championship Flight:
1st        Avery Fuhs                           Webster City            70 – 35          105
2nd       Andy Scott                           Boone                        68 – 39          107
3rd       Logan Sansgard                  Huxley                       71 – 37          108
4th         Dave Henry                          Des Moines              72 – 36          108
Medalist Championship Round              Avery Fuhs   35      

1st Flight
1st       Nathan Ferrell                     Webster City            76
2nd       Danny Bergeson                 Ackley                        77
3rd       Alec Fuhs                              Webster City            79

2nd Flight      
1st       Larry Ross                             Webster City            86
2nd       Dave Shannon                    Webster City            86
3rd       Mike Nokes                          Webster City            86

Flag Events:
Long Drive #8                      Kyle Pieper                           Urbandale
Closest to Pin #10              Jon Fuhs                                West Des Moines
Long Putt #17                     Matt Ross                             Boone                           

             Jerry Long, Harvey Horsfall, Jim Bryan

Senior Amateur       June 5, 2019
 50 – 59 Age group                         
1st Place           Jim Bryan                    Webster City                           65       
2nd Place          Rod Kern                    Ames                                       67
3rd Place           Andy Scott                 Boone                                      69

60 - 64 Age group                                   
1st Place           Harvey Horsfall          Mason City                             65       
2nd Place          Ray Williamson           Eagle Grove                            75                   
3rd Place           Dan Hearn                  Fort Dodge                             76
65 – 69 Age group    
1st Place          Larry Ross                   Webster City                           71                               
2nd Place            Dale Olson                  Woolstock                               71                   

3rd Place           Jeff Speicher               Eldora                                     72
70 – over Age group
1st Place           Jerry Long                   Eldora                                     77                   
2nd Place          Michael Roether           Glendale, AZ                          77                   
3rd Place           Gary Vanderwilt         Eldora                                     80

Flag Events:
Long Drive #4             Harvey Horsfall          Mason City
Closest to Pin #10       Daryl Albertson          Eldora
Long Putt #18             Jim Bryan                    Webster City

2018 Tournament Results

             Nathan Ferrell

1-Person Best Shot
October 21, 2018
Championship Flight:
            1st place                      Nathan Ferrell                        Webster City                            61
            2nd place                      Cade Thompson                      Ames                                       64
            3rd place                      Andy Scott                               Boone                                      64
            4th place                      Bill Axman                              Pomeroy                                  64
            5th place                      Ryan Wearda                          Webster City                          65
1st Flight:
            1st place                      Dustin Thompson                    Pomeroy                                  68
            2nd place                      Randy Welch                           Urbandale                               68
            3rd place                      Michael Appel                         Marshalltown                         69
2nd Flight:
            1st place                      Brad Deling                             Fort Dodge                              73
            2nd place                      Scott Beschorner                    Graettinger                             73
            3rd place                      Sean Hood                              Fort Dodge                              73
3rd Flight:
            1st place                      Chad Carter                             Webster City                           75
            2nd place                      Mike Ehn                                 Pocahontas                             75
            3rd place                      Merle Elbert